Katana Owners Club U.K.


Formed in Manchester in July 2003 by a group of Katana owning friends. It's hard to imagine this classic Target design hasn't had it's own club until now in the U.K. The club is designed as a social club with the aim of keeping this classic series of motorcycles both running and in the public eye and in some cases hearts. Even today the Katana still turns heads with comments from all generations. The design, when first seen in 1980 at the Cologne (Koln) motorcycle show, then released in the UK in 1981 , was considered space age and is even now seen as timeless. The club is constantly growing in no's with interest from others daily and we hope others feel the same by joining.

The club is aimed at the original air-cooled Suzuki Katana.

GSX 1100 S/ ALL 1981-83/1992-95/2000

GSX 1000 SZ 1981-83

GSX 750 S1/ S2/S3 1981-87

GS 650 GX/GZ 1981-87

XN85 TURBO 1983-86

GS 550 M 1981-84

GSX 400 SSN 1992-94

GSX 250 SSN 1992-94

GSX 400* EZ(TWIN) 1983-85

GSX 250* EZ(TWIN) 1983-85

*Model marketed in the U.K. as Katana but missing the emblem.

We hold two national meetings and as many regional get together as possible. The newsletter is quarterly. The Website and forum has grown over the last few years, we want to keep the club as personal as possible. The first A.G.M. (annual general meeting.) was held on the 25 October 03 . Other events / meetings displayed in diary dates page. The club has forged links with other K.O.C.s, around the world especially those in Europe, i.e.; Germany / France. This led to an international event/meet called the Eurokat.

The Club